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Method 1 : New Blood (Slow and patient profit)

As all people know,New Blood is a pack where you can buy new cards. Well, not everybody knows that due to the fact that those packages are bought as hell,all the cards inside cost less on the market then they should. This means that buying a large amount of cards from New Blood and wait those cards to go out of the pack,can give you a good profit.

Example: I bought 300 Tula for 250 each when she was in the New Blood packs.Currently she is 400,few days after she got out of New Blood pack.I spent 300x250,means 75.000 clinz; if i sell them now ill gather 120.000 clinz - 5% which is a nice profit.And her price will go higher and higher.

Method 2 : Banned clans in ELO (Fast and not patient profit)

You all know that every week a clan gets banned from ELO.Not all know that when a clan gets banned,the staple cards of that clan lower their price greatly.

Example:this week Allstars got banned. Striker,a card that usually costs 10.000-13.000 clinz depending on market,this morning (sunday,last day of allstars banned)he was costing 8000.So buying cards like Leviatonn/Shakra/Ratanah/Marina/Striker on theyr banned week,can give you a profit week by week.

Method 3 : Random playing on the market.

Open the market page and order the cards by date release.Refresh constantly and you will notice that sometimes appear mistakes/low prices on some cards.This way you can buy cards for less and sell them for theyr real price.

Example:You buy Yayoifor 6800,and her real price is 7500.Small but always a profit.

This is an experience made by myself,i've bought also a Yayoi for 500,a Marina for 300 and Charlie for 7000.Market is strange and people if need fast money,sell many cards underprice.This is a method based on randomness and luck,but in 1 hour of refreshing and fast mouse,i've been able to make 10k clinz one time.A friend of mine bought even a Splata Cr for 9.000 clinz:someone mistaked and wrote 9k instead of 90k.

Method 4 : Credits

Simply wait the friday when new cards come and use the credits in the morning,in the moment when they come out and start selling as soon as you can.Cards have incredible prices in the first hours,and you can max out the profit made by using credits.

Method 5 But this needs more study and I haven't tried it yet. Look at Jeff. At the moment there are only 92 cards on sale... Imagine you bought 80 of them. That would mean the cheapest card would be 7410 clintz. Now imagine I sold 10 cards at 2000 clintz... that would mean I got 20k (my investment) and 70 more cards. What I can say is that there are more ways than one to speculate on this. 1. Find cards that have few sales. Buy a couple of copies and put them for sale at let's say 1500 clintz... you get profit if anyone does a mass buy. 2. When you see an abnormal price sell your saved copies FAAAST. 3. Do the mass buy. When you sell for such a low price (in the first few minutes), there will be players that will buy your card for 2000 and sell for... 4000. Those are the "duped" guys because they might not be able to sell them again.

Anyone got any suggestions about this?

This is the picture with the upper part of the 92 sales... now if there only were less people selling for 6.6k... maybe in 11 hours...or maybe 63 hours.

Some Random Tips:

In less than 2 weeks using method 3, I have made over 40000, without spending too much time refreshing. I usually check out the market while playing and waiting for my opponent to play a turn.

I have found that a large amount of money can be made with relative ease on cards below 2000 in value. Anything sold for below 2000 pays a max of 100 in sales tax, and there are often cards with differences of 150-300 floatng about, the 100 or so profits soon add up. even a profit of 50 is worth going for as it equates to 8 games worth of winnings.

The lessons I have learned using this method are:

1. Dont spend what you cannot afford, set yourself a budget and do not break it until you have made enough profits to do so. One of my biggest profits was on a Lamar that was listed about 14k lower than any others - netted me a 7k profit, but spending 125k just to make 7k was way too reckless and I wont be doing that again.

2. Watch out for inflated card prices - sometimes sellers undercut you in bulk, and this can cause a cards value to slide fast - I have seen cards drop almost 2000 as people panic and list cards lower and lower. There really is no way to avoid this other than experience, and knowing cards relative values.

3. Dont put all your eggs in one basket! I have yet to try investing in more than 5-10 cards at once (no more than the 40k I have made in profit), and usually limit myself to having 3 resales at one time, just incase card prices drop and I have to c

3. Dont put all your eggs in one basket! I have yet to try investing in more than 5-10 cards at once (no more than the 40k I have made in profit), and usually limit myself to having 3 resales at one time, just incase card prices drop and I have to cut my losses.

4.Leaders! Not so much for profit, but I have scooped up 7 Timber under level 5 for 800 and below. This is a risk free way to gain some quick xp, as you can sell him to kate maxed out at 800.

5. Dont double click! In my urgeny to grab a good bargin, I have mistakenly ended up buying the card listed higher in price as I click twice and press enter - 1st card already sol and I end up with the other 7/81Deletejake_UM - Imperator Wednesday 05/08, 11:04

6. Max out your cards before selling them to the market, a quite huge number of players look for a maxed out card with lowest price when buying cards.

7. Cards that gain their ability at earlier levels can be sold at a higher price (provided they are 0xp or at the level wherein they gain their ability on) 8/81Deletejake_UM - Imperator Wednesday 05/08, 11:08

Method 6 : Prefulls(by Wattenvol)

I started this day with 26k clintz and at this moment i have over 91k. how?

for the last month i was buying unevolved 4 and 5star cards for less than 300 clintz. i had over 150 of them. during gathering i was leveling them to the point where they need only 1 fight to reach max stars (so called pfulls). today i stated selling part of them for 500 (4star) and 750 (5star), which is quite low prize. this is perfect method because your account makes levels and you make clintz after that. of corse dotn think that i earned today 65k clintz. half was for buying those cards and 5% for kate but still its damn good result

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