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I find there is no best card. its all comes down to the deck and the player --Aaa-battery1 11:54, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

Spiaghi because hes a 2* with the ability -3 opponents damage minimum 1. He can also be put into any deck as a filler.

Lao Cr- A 5* with a power of 5 and a damage of 8. With Bonus and Fury its 12 damage for a 1 hit K.O.

Really, that is based on a manner of opinion. All cards have advantages and disadvantages, and some cards are better than others. Plus, new cards get made every other Friday, so its impossible to say what card is the best.

I would say General Cr because he is a 7/8 with Ability: Stop opp. Ability Bonus: Damage +2. An easy 1 round K.O (Not the best in Elo)

in my honest opinion this question all comes down to the player, mine is katrina because of her use in Dt play and then there is mona because she is a pocket rock of a card then you can choose OP (over powered) cards like cortez or dregn whoever posted above needs to have a hard think about how is going to anwser questions better

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